Reading these stories reminded me of how absolutely enchanted I was as a child by the King Arthur lore. The 1981 film Excalibur was a staple for me growing up. My dad and I would watch it regularly to the point that we could quote it to each other (and still can to this day. He does a great Merlin impression). In fact, I was so inspired that I had some friends come over and watch it with me last night. It was just as epic, masculine, and magical as I remembered.

I didn’t know Merlin fell in love with anyone! I used to use Merlin as a character back in my roleplaying days. I imagined him as a young man named Tarrick who was always in some kind of mischief and was a total ladies man before he was humbled and became the great Merlin. So you have to understand my inner fangirl is totally freaking out right now.

The fact that she tricked Merlin and buried him alive is a terrible thing. Way to be a monster bitch, Vivien.

But why would Merlin fall for such a terrible person? I guess love really is blind, even to the wisest and most powerful of all.

Bibliography. King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table by Andrew Lang and illustrated by H. J. Ford (1902).

Featured image: Merlin and Vivien by Lancelot Speed, 1912.