The personification of personality traits in the Enchanter’s castle is quite interesting and profound. It reminds me of when Fullmetal Alchemist personified the Seven Deadly Sins, which is something I also ended up attempting in a film called Wormwood that never got made (but I have hope it will someday).

Fancy, Desire, Doubt, Danger, Fear, Hope, Dissembling, Suspicion, Grief, Fury, Displeasure, Pleasure, a mysteriously unnamed lady, Spite, Cruelty, Love, Reproach, Repentance, Shame, Strife, Anger, Care, Unthriftiness, Loss of Time, Sorrow, Disloyalty, Riots, Poverty, and lastly Death-with-Infamy.

That’s quite a few characters. And it’s fascinating that the “tyrant of the house” is confirmed to be Love, with rainbow wings and riding a ravenous lion, delighting at the distress of the mysterious unnamed woman (Amoret). How interesting! Why is Love a villain? What other stereotypes are turned on their heads here?

Bibliography: Stories from the Faerie Queene by Mary Macleod, with drawings by A. G. Walker (1916).

Image: Britomart and Amoret