Let me start by saying I’ve never been in a class that required so many blog posts! (Haha)

That said, I was grateful to learn about the class calendar, which links to all the weekly summaries. That will be extremely useful.

I am already familiar with Google Docs. I use it for all of my writing assignments and I used to use it for work, but my current job provides Microsoft Office, so I don’t need to use it as much anymore.

One issue I have with both WordPress and Blogger is that even with a bunch customization, the blogs are not that attractive… I much prefer Wix website builder, but I can see where that would be a little complex. Maybe I can search for some external WordPress themes and download a better one.

I am SO excited to work with Twine and create a choose-your-own-ending adventure. I have wanted to create one ever since Bandersnatch came out on Netflix. I was blown away and inspired to create my own. Can’t wait to pick my topic and get started!

WOW! I just went through the featured Book of All Letters project and I was BLOWN AWAY! What a compelling story and creative use of Twine! I hope my project can compare to that one!

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