Growth Mindset

I have watched Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset TED Talk before. I find the concept fascinating! In middle school and high school, I certainly was trapped in the Tyranny of Now. I believed up until fairly recently that if it didn’t “come naturally to me”, AKA wasn’t easy, I must be bad at it and should avoid it. I know better now after gaining some life experience and venturing outside of my comfort zone. I am definitely interested in learning more ways to capitalize on and adopt the Growth Mindset as I venture further into my academic career at OU!

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  1. Madeleine

    Hey girl! I am on the same page as you. Before actually reading about this concept and conducting my own research, I had been stuck in my old ways of thinking. I used to think I had to work extra hard compared to other people. I didn’t think it was fair!! But, now I understand that all of it is just helping me grow and that I need to view it from a different viewpoint in order to expect the best!

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