The question that drives my interest in media/storytelling is What are the cultural components that connect us, and why?

I’m fascinated by Carl Jung’s collective unconscious theory, which ties into Joseph Campbell’s mythological archetypes. Mythology (storytelling) has been around since the beginning of human awareness. We have all used stories to try to explain the processes of the world, each other, and our inner selves. Why do certain symbols strike up the same emotional reaction across cultures? Why do horror movies scare us and excite us? Why do certain colors invoke certain moods? How is it that certain media, whether they’re games, movies, TV shows, books, or albums, use external stimuli to create internal emotional experiences? What is the connection between our inner worlds and outer worlds? What is imagination? How is it that works of fiction can tell deeper truths?

This is the beautiful, paradoxical conundrum of the world of storytelling. There is no science to telling a good story (but there are tricks and templates). What makes a good story work? What stories do I have to tell?

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